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What is NDA?

The NDA is an annual national-level admission test. That is why every year qualified students who take NDA coaching are further chosen for training in the Indian Navy, Indian Military, or the Indian Air Force through this entrance examination.

The UPSC (Union Public Services Commission)is the one that has the authority to conduct the NDA test all over India. The National Defense Academy (NDA) is one of the most coveted defence entry tests in the country.

The NDA is held twice a year and consists of two stages: a written exam and an SSB interview.

Candidates must first pass the written test before proceeding to the SSB interview phase. The Screening Test, Psychology Test, GTO Series, Personal Interview, and Conference are the five components of the SSB. Candidates who pass the SSB stage must also pass the medical test and document verification process.

NDA Full Updated Syllabus 2022


fundamental qualities, module, argument, and unity cube roots The binary number system Conversion of a decimal number to the binary system and vice versa. Advancements in arithmetic, geometry, and harmony. Quadratic equations with real coefficients Graphs are used to solve linear inequalities with two variables. Combination and permutation Applications of the binomial theorem Applications of logarithms

Matrix and determinant

Matrix operations and matrix type The qualities of determinants, determinants of a matrix Cranmer's Rule and the Matrix approach are used to solve a system of linear equations with two or three unknowns.


Angles, their degrees, and measures Trigonometric ratios The sum of trigonometric identities and formulae. Multiple angles and sub-multiples Trigonometric functions and their inverse. Triangle Properties, Height and Distance etc.

Two- and three-dimensional analytic geometry

Cartesian Rectangular Coordinate System Distance formula Line equations in various forms Two angled lines. The distance of a point from a line. A circle's standard and general equation Standard shapes include the parabola, ellipse, and hyperbola. eccentricity and axis of a conic In three-dimensional space, measure the distance between two points etc.

Differential calculus

Continuity of functions—for example, continuous functional algebraic procedures. Function derivative at a place, geometric and physical meaning of an application derivative.

Integral calculus and differential equations

Standard integrals involving algebraic equations, trigonometric, exponential, and hyperbolic functions, differentiation and integration Applications of definite integrals in determining the areas of curved planar regions.

Examples of general and particular differential equation solutions, first order and first-degree differential equation solutions,f various types of Applications in growth and decay concerns.

Vector Algebra

Vector magnitude and direction in two and three dimensions. Vector addition, scalar-vector multiplication, scalar product or dot product, unit and null vectors Cross product or vector products. 

 Applications include work done using force and moment of force, as well as geometric issues.

Statistics and probability

Examples of statistics include data categorization, frequency distribution, and cumulative frequency distribution. Histograms, pie charts, and polygon frequency are examples of visual representation. Measures of central tendency include mean median and mode. Standard deviation and variation — determination and comparison Regression and correlation.

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NDA up-to-date Highlights| 2022 India 
1Exam Name
National Defence Academy
2Controlling legal body
Union Public Service Commission
3Exam level
National Level
Single Male candidates can apply
6Test Mode
7Time duration
  1. 1. Mathematics: 2 hours 30 minutes
  2. 2. General Ability Test: 2 hours & 30 minutes
8Number of exam centres
9Student Help desk
011-23385271/011-23381125/011- 23098543
10Main Website


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